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Start Smart™ Basketball

Youth Basketball

Get in the game and sign up for Start Smart™ Basketball today. Start Smart™ Basketball teaches children (ages 3 to 5) the basic motor skills necessary to play organized basketball while they work one-on-one and spend quality time with their parents. The program focuses on teaching children, and their parents, skills in dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, and running/agility without the threat of competition or the fear of getting hurt.

Held once a week for six weeks; each week the exercises become increasingly more difficult as the class progresses and the children show improvement.

Tuesdays, 11/13/18-12/18/18
Times: Activity Code: 
6:00-6:50 p.m. 115002-03
7:00-7:50 p.m. 115002-04
Wednesdays, 11/07/18-12/19/18
  (no program 11/21/18)
Times:  Activity Code: 
6:00-6:50 p.m. 115002-01
7:00-7:50 p.m. 115002-02
Fancher Elementary Gym, 801 S. Kinney
Boys and Girls, ages 3-5
Resident Fee: 
Non-Resident Fee: 
Early Discount: 
$10 when registered by 10/17/18
10/31/18, or when full