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Housing and Neighborhoods

Owner-Occupied Incentive Program

As of March 2016, the City is no longer accepting applications for this program. Please continue to check back with this page for more information.

Neightborhood Resource Unit (NRU)

Department staff participate in the Neighborhood Resource Unit, a collaborative team that seeks to foster positive improvement in the City’s neighborhoods. Click here to learn more.

Neightborhood Mini-Grants

Thanks to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the City requested and received a grant to offer mini grants to fund programs, projects or improvements within neighborhoods. Since the grant was received in 1999, over 50 mini grants have been awarded to various neighborhood groups for projects such as picnics and ice cream socials, Neighborhood Watch programs, landscape beautification, cleanup, and leadership training.

Click here for the application form.

Neighborhood Associations

The Neighborhood Resource Unit is seeking interested residents to help form neighborhood associations in four area of the City.

A neighborhood association is a group of neighbors who get together, share their ideas, thoughts, feelings and work cooperatively to make their neighborhood a better place to live. Neighborhood associations greatly improve the two-way communication between the city and its residents. Neighborhood associations can also encourage the following positive outcomes:

  • Facilitate achieving common neighborhood goals
  • Provide the neighborhood with a common voice and an effective means of communicating with government officials and other instrumental groups
  • Empowered neighborhoods can have greater input in events happening in their area and members can be more involved in decision making that affects their neighborhoods
  • Organize and help members work for preservation and improvements in their neighborhood
  • Planning and holding social activities for the neighborhood
  • Organizing neighborhood improvement projects

Neighborhood associations can also function as crime watch groups and will be eligible to receive mini-grant funding from the City for a variety of activities and improvements. Neighborhood associations will also have the opportunity to work with City staff to develop long-term plans for future investments in their neighborhoods.

If you are interested in assisting the City with the implementation of a neighborhood association in one of the four target areas, please email or call Assistant Fire Chief Doug Lobsinger at (989) 779-5123.