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Programs and Services

Youth Services Unit
  • The Youth Services Unit is a partnership of police officers, schools, parents, businesses and community members. Police officers with the Youth Service Unit will become involved with our youth at the earliest age and continue those relationships throughout their school years, interacting with kids in a positive manner and providing guidance and support when needed. Members of the unit will serve as positive role models through leadership, education, guidance and intervention.

    The officers serve as a liaison between the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools, businesses, private organizations, law enforcement agencies, juvenile and adult courts, prosecution, media, PEAK and CMU. The Unit works in a proactive approach to reduce and prevent crime by providing educational programs to our youth and community members. Officers work closely with the residents and neighborhood watch groups, rental complexes, Code Enforcement and the Fire Department in an effort to provide safe and clean neighborhoods throughout the community.

    The Youth Services Unit is comprised of three personnel. Two of the officers are proportionally dedicated to the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools during the school year and managing summer programs and patrolling on bicycles when school is not in session. One officer is designated as Mount Pleasant Police Departments Public Information and Court Officer.

  • Mt. Pleasant Public Schools:

    • Criminal and Civil Investigations
    • Mentoring – At Risk and Troubled Youth
    • Partnering and Coordinating efforts with PEAK
    • Supervision of School Crossing Guards
    • School Lock Downs, Fire and Tornado Drills
    • Building Emergency Response Team
    • Educational Presentations on: Violence, Safety, Bullying, Drugs, Alcohol and more.
    • Assist Department of Human Services and Investigate Referrals
    • Assist with Community Mental Health
    • Assist with School Discipline Hearings
    • Tobacco and Alcohol Stings
    • Law Enforcement Liaison for Juvenile Matters
    • After School and Sporting Events, Proms, Dances and Parades
    • Respond to Medical Situations
    • Public Relations events: Youth Police Academy, Shop with a Cop, Shop with a Hero, Golf Tournament and The Pixie sponsored Big Brothers/Big Sisters Fundraiser.

    Public Information:

    • Media Relations and Marketing
    • Court Officer and Prosecutor Liaison
    • Abandoned Vehicle Coordination
    • CMU Student Liaison

    Crime Prevention/Community Services:

    • Intelligence led policing through a new Records Management System
    • Collaborate with Businesses on Current Issues
    • Build and Maintain Community Contacts
    • Special Event Coordination: Mt. Pleasant and Central Michigan University  Events
    • Participate with Neighborhood Watch Groups
    • Coordinate with Code and Fire to Eliminate Blight and Code Violations.
    • Coordinate Fraud and Loss Prevention Efforts for Businesses
    • Electronic Crime Alert System for Businesses
    • Bicycle Patrol
    • Information provided on Staying Safe, Crime Prevention and Trends among others.
    • Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAMS) education for local liquor establishments
    • Prescription Drop Off Program
    • Consistent contacts with Taxi, Wrecker Companies and Apartment Complexes
    • Freshman and Family Orientation for new CMU Students
    • Numerous other Special Events, Programs, Fundraisers and Walks/Races

    Questions or Comments:

    • (989) 779 5145 PIO/Crime Prevention Office
    • (989) 779 5136 Youth Services Office
Vacation Security Checks
  • Did you know the police will check your house while you are away on vacation? It's true, and there is no fee for the service. Simply fill out the Vacation/Security Check Application and submit it to the Police Department. We do request that you please notify us if you return home earlier than the time frame placed on your form.
Senior Picnic
  • Each July, the Mt. Pleasant Police Department partners with Winchester Towers to host a Senior Picnic. Approximately 80 to 90 senior citizens join the Department of Public Safety for a luncheon seminar. The seminar offers seniors presentations regarding personal safety, fraud, and crime prevention tips. Area businesses graciously donate prizes which are awarded to attendees during Bingo.
Prescription Drug Drop
  • The Mt. Pleasant Department of Public Safety offers a Prescription Drug Drop Box for the City of Mt. Pleasant and surrounding area. A secure mail slot is located in the Mt. Pleasant Department of Public Safety lobby located at 804 E. High St. Individuals can walk in and anonymously deposit unused or expired prescription medications twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

    Many people do not know how to dispose of prescription medications and often times flush them down the toilet. Flushing drugs carry the risk of possible contamination of soil and groundwater. The program allows the community to properly dispose of prescription drugs in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

    In addition, unused or expired medications are highly susceptible to misuse and abuse. More than 200 deaths in northern Michigan have been linked to prescription drug abuse in the past year. The program looks to decrease the 56 percent of individuals who abuse prescription drugs obtained from their friends and family.

    This program was made possible through a partnership with 1016 Substance Abuse Coalition and the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation. These organizations recognize the growing concern of prescription drug abuse and support our efforts to help create an avenue for proper disposal of prescription drugs.