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2018 Construction Projects

Construction projects take place throughout the City of Mt. Pleasant annually in order to maintain and improve the City's infrastructure. Updates on these projects will be posted to this page, and also are communicated through door hangers and letters (for residents directly affected by projects), local media, along with the City's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Questions about the projects listed below should be directed to the Division of Public Works at 989-779-5401 (unless otherwise noted).

Local Street Projects

Reconstruction with curb repairs (approximate timeline: June 4 - Aug. 3, 2018):

  • Chippewa: Mission to Brown
  • Crosslanes: Arnold to Mission

Asphalt Crack Sealing

Various streets will be crack sealed as part of the preventative maintenance program. (approximate timeline: May 15 - June 8, 2018)

Asphalt Overlays

A new layer of asphalt will be applied on the following streets as part of the preventative maintenance program (approximate timeline: June 4 - Aug. 3, 2018):

  • Main: Pickard to Mosher
  • Henry: High to Broadway
  • Preston: Lynnwood to Isabella
  • Sweeney: Broomfield to Preston
  • Crosslanes: Fancher to Arnold
  • Mission Alley: Mosher to Crosslanes
  • Somerset Court: Somerset to dead end
  • Somerset: Abbey to Eastpointe
  • Ridge: Crescent to Preston
  • Watson: Ridge to Preston


Manhole Rehabilitation
Various sanitary sewer manholes throughout the City will be rehabilitated. (approximate timeline: May 4 - June 8, 2018)


Pavement Markings (paint markings)
Various streets throughout the City will receive new paint markings. (approximate timeline: Aug. 6 - 17, 2018)


Pedestrian Lighting
  • Broadway: Bradley to Maxwell (approximate timeline: July 16 - Aug. 24, 2018)


Sewer Main Relining

Sanitary sewer mains in various locations will be relined. (approximate timeline: July 9 - 27, 2018)


Sidewalk Replacement
(approximate timeline: April 30 - June 22, 2018)
  • Henry: High to Broadway
  • 23 ADA Ramps
  • Complaint locations and the sidewalk ramps on those streets that receive asphalt overlay this year.

Michigan Dept. of Transportation Projects