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Capital Improvement Plan prioritizes sidewalk gap completion for 2014


June 11, 2013 - Installation of sidewalks to fill gaps in existing walking routes is at the forefront of projects that will take place in the City of Mount Pleasant in 2014. The City Commission approved the 2014 through 2018 Capital Improvement Plan at the June 10 City Commission meeting.

“There are several areas throughout the city where sidewalks suddenly stop and start back up again down the street,” said City Manager Kathie Grinzinger. "The City Commission has realized the inconveniences this causes and has allocated funds to fill in these gaps and make our current sidewalk infrastructure complete in 2014."

The proposed Capital Improvement Plan had $100,000 allocated for new sidewalk construction. The City Commission agreed to budget an additional $100,000 for this project in 2014 to fill in more of the existing gaps sooner. The approved plan also increased the portion of the millage dedicated to infrastructure projects for each year of the plan to 2 mills.

Another change made by the City Commission to the proposed Captial Improvement Plan was to remove neighborhood pedestrian lighting in 2014, providing time to have additional data and parameters researched and recommended.

The City Charter requires the City Manager to present the City Commission with a five-year Capital Improvement Plan each year. The Capital Plan is a systematic approach to planning for the construction, purchase and installation of the community’s infrastructure needs. It allows the City to forecast for its major expenditures and develop financing plans to meet those needs.

Other projects outlined in the approved plan include the expansion of the public safety pole barn; renovation of roads, parking and trails within the parks; replacement of current sidewalk; and street resurfacing and reconstruction.