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Mt. Pleasant City parks now interactive

Mt. Pleasant City parks visitors can now explore the parks online using Isabella County’s interactive mapping software.

A partnership with Isabella County’s geographic information system specialists has enabled the City to develop these interactive maps of its parks.

The interactive maps have several unique features and enable visitors to see photos of the parks; get information about available amenities, park acreage, trail distances and more; download printable maps of the parks; and view park pavilions and get information regarding rentals.

The interactive city park maps, which went live August 13, are part of Isabella County’s Map Viewer system. The park maps can be found by visiting

“This is a great collaborative project with Isabella County and we are planning to continue updating map information and explore the opportunity for mobile map access to the city parks,” said Chris Bundy, director of parks and public spaces for the City of Mt. Pleasant.  

Along with providing many useful features, the interactive mapping of the city parks allows for other new technology uses to be explored, such as mobile applications. The City plans to explore these new technologies as well as continue its partnership with Isabella County to maintain the current interactive maps.