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Winter weather parking and residence reminders

leavesDecember 9, 2013 - As snowplows are out and about clearing the streets of snow, City residents should be aware of several things:

  • Avoid parking on streets when inclement weather is predicted. Cars parked on snow routes or on the wrong side of public parking lots during snow emergencies will be subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  • Property owners and snow removal contractors should be aware that shoveling or plowing snow from driveways onto or across the roadway is prohibited because it can present a serious traffic hazard to motorists.
  • Check your mailbox and post. If the post is worn, rotted, or too close to the roadway, it may be damaged from the weight of the snow being thrown by the plow trucks. City crews are not responsible for mailboxes or posts damaged from the weight of the snow being thrown by the trucks.
  • Clear the sidewalks of snow, including your mailbox approach.
  • Snow plowing of residential streets will occur regularly during normal operating hours. Overnight and weekend crews will only plow residential streets when snow levels reach four or more inches.

Any concerns should be reported to the Division of Public Works at 989-779-5401, or via email to