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The City’s Master Land Use Plan, or Master Plan, is a policy document adopted by the Planning Commission and City Commission to plan for the growth and development of the City. The City periodically reviews the document to assure that it is remaining current with emerging development trends and changing economic conditions.

On Monday, March 24, 2014, the Mt. Pleasant City Commission approved a draft of the updated Master Plan. This approval provides for a 63-day review period for stakeholders to submit comments on the draft Master Plan prior to formal adoption. This is a requirement of the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (PA 33 of 2008). The City invites you to review the draft and to submit any comments within the next 63 days to Bill Mrdeza at or 989-779-5311, with a deadline of Monday, May 26, 2014. A public hearing will be held with the Planning Commission thereafter, tentatively scheduled for June 5. The City of Mt. Pleasant appreciates your effort and involvement in helping to create a strong vision and plan for the City’s future.

Review the Master Plan draft (large PDF file)

2012 Master Plan Update

The Master Plan was completely updated in 2006, and while much of the plan remains valid, the Planning Commission and City Commission have determined that an update focusing on a few key issues is warranted. Over the course of the next year, the City will update the plan to include:

  • updated demographic information, to reflect the 2010 U.S. Census;
  • a continued focus on supporting new development and redevelopment of properties, as well as improved safety and access, along Mission Street;
  • reviewing neighborhood priorities;
  • integrating the priorities of the various groups that support the development of Downtown;
  • planning for the future development of the Mt. Pleasant Center;
  • consideration of the recommendations of the Greater Mt. Pleasant Non-Motorized Transportation Plan; and
  • identifying and prioritizing future ordinance amendments that will support the planned development of the City.


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Master Plan Contact:
Bill Mrdeza
Community Services and Economic Development Director

Get information on the 2006 Master Plan Update