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Divisions & Departments

The 18 Departments serving Mount Pleasant's residents, businesses, and visitors are divided into five operational Divisions. Over 130 full and part time employees work within the five branchs/groups. City employees are proudly committed to continuously improving service to citizens, entrepreneurs, tourists, and Central Michigan's faculty, staff, and students to build the most livable city in Mid-Michigan.


Division of Public Works

From streets and engineering to water and sewers, the Mt. Pleasant Municipal Airport or refuse and recycling, the Division of Public Works is responsible for keeping the community clean and functioning in tip-top order.

Public Works Departments

Division of Public Safety

Working under the public safety umbrella, Mt. Pleasant's Police, Fire, and Public Safety Records departments comprise this division. Please call 911 to report any emergencies.

Public Safety Departments

Division of Community Services

Need information regarding building permits? Want to build a business in the area or bike our incredible trail system?

Community Services Departments

Division of Financial Services

Do you need information about your property taxes? Interested in cemetery records? Do you need to register to vote? The Financial Services Division hosts the following departments.

Financial Services Departments

City Manager

Interested in current job openings? The City Manager's Division hosts the following departments.

City Manager Departments