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Cemetery Fees









Infant (up to 36" casket)



Child (36" to 60" casket)



Adult (Larger than 60” casket)









Additional Charges

After 4 p.m.







Removal only



Removal with reburial



Winter storage




$.40 per sq. inch

$.60 per sq. inch

*Perpetual care portion $150 $250

A resident is defined as someone who resides or owns property within the Mt. Pleasant city limits.


Mausoleum Information
  • There is a mausoleum located at the back of Riverside Cemetery. The mausoleum was built by the Flowers Mausoleum Co. in 1915, and holds 168 crypts. Currently, there are 145 burials in the mausoleum, with 23 additional crypts sold. The earliest burial recorded in the mausoleum was in 1916, while the most recent mausoleum burial was held in May 2011. Most of the crypts were sold from 1916-1923.
  • The Flowers Mausoleum Co. and a corporation that owned the mausoleum have dissolved now, and its members either have died or moved away. The City of Mt. Pleasant received a Quit Claim Deed in 1964 for the mausoleum and has owned, operated, and maintained the building since.
  • The mausoleum is regularly closed throughout the year. However, the mausoleum is open during certain hours of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Individuals and family members wishing to enter the mausoleum during other times need to contact cemetery officials to open the facility.