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Frequently Asked Questions

The City Clerk's Office role is to assist residents in many different ways by maintaining a flow of information on many different subjects. In many cases the information needed is supplied by another agency or the resident can be given the information over the phone.

The City of Mt. Pleasant Clerk's Office has put together some frequently asked questions to help you get the information you need more readily.

  • What is the county building phone number? (989) 772-0911
  • Where is the social security office located? The Social Security Office is located at 1940 Sweeney, (989) 773-5411.
  • Where is the local library? Chippewa River District Library in Mt. Pleasant is located at 301 S. University at the corner of University and Illinois Streets, (989) 773-3242.
  • Where is the post office located? The Mt. Pleasant Post Office is located at 813 North Main Street at the corner of Main Street and Pickard Street, (989) 773-3653 or (989) 772-0540.
  • Where is the Chamber of Commerce office located? The Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce is located in downtown Mt. Pleasant at 114 E. Broadway, (989) 772-2396.
  • Does the mayor of Mt. Pleasant marry people? Click here for more information.
  • Where do I find information regarding trash pick-up, recycling, leaf pick up, snow removal, large item pick-up, and fallen branches/brush pick-up? All questions regarding these items can be answered by calling the Department of Public Works at (989) 779-5401.