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Sealed bids are required for purchases in excess of $15,000. A notice of sealed bid is always posted on the website and is generally published in the Morning Sun. A public bid opening is held for the sealed bids and the staff makes recommendations to the City Commission for award of the bid most advantageous to the City. To read more about the City's purchasing policies, click here.

    All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

2018 1MG Tank By-Pass Line Project


Mount Pleasant Department of Public Safety "Records Workstations"

2018 Development Proposals for 410 W. Broadway

2018 Street Overlay

Downtown Landscape Planters

Mission Creek Park Restroom/Shelter Project

2018 Downtown Sidewalk Power Washing
2018 Street Sweepings Disposal 2018 Island Park/Pickens Field Infield Repair & Reconditioning 2018 Tree Trimming & Removal

Wastewater Treatment Plant - Professional Engineering Design Services for Replacement of Chemical Containment & Delivery Systems

2018 Wireless Access Point Devices


2017 Breathing Air Compressor System Replacement

Water Systems Study for City of Mt. Pleasant / Charter Township of Union

2018 Island Park East Storage Building Rehabilitation

2018 Water Meters

2018 Water Treatment Plant Chemicals

2017 Island Park West Storage Building Rehabilitation

Island Park Shelter Roof Replacements

2017 Island Park Restroom Building Electrical Service Upgrade

Professional Engineering Design Services - 1MG Reservoir Bypass

2017 Locker Room / Bathrooms Facilities Remodel

Pickard Street Lift Station Electrical Upgrade

2017 Leaf Hauling

2017-2018 Snow Hauling

2017 Solar LED Flashing School Crossing Signs

2017 Overhead Garage Door Replacement

2017 Pavement Markings

Request for Proposal for Insurance Broker Services

2017 Assessing Services

Management of Biosolids Residuals

2017 Pedestrian Lighting

2017 Sidewalk Replacement Project

2017 River Corridor Improvements – Tree Planting

Real Estate Services

2017 4WD Tractor Backhoe

2017 Server Replacement

Grounds Care Services for Mission & Pickard Streets

2017 Street Overlay Project

2017 Manhole Rehabilitation Project

2017 Tractor Bid

WWTP Primary Sludge Pump Replacement

2017 Grounds Mowing

2017 High Service Pump #3 Rehabilitation

2017 Airport Farmland Lease

Water Meters

Sand and Gravel

Sewer Relining

Crack Sealing Project

Spring Tree Bid

Forest Lane Reconstruction Project

Three Leaves Drive and Denison Drive

2017 Ranney Collector Well and Pump Rehabilitation


Design Services for Relocation of Ferrous Chloride Storage Tanks and Feed Equipment

2016 Airport Farmland Lease

2016 Sewer Relining Bid

2016 Water Meter Bid

Manhole Rehab Project

2017 Water Treatment Plant Chemicals

2016 River Corridor Improvements - Tree Cutting

2017 Street Sweepings Disposal

2017 Tree Trimming & Removal

Nelson Park Gazebo

2016 River Corridor Improvements

Downtown Holiday Decorations

2016 Snow Hauling

2016 Leaf Hauling

HSP Station Building Roof Replacement

Purchase-Buy Back of Municipal Pickups

Water Treatment Plant Caustic Soda Bid

Airport Crack Sealing

Millpond Pathway Rehabilitation

Pavement Marking

Mt. Pleasant Mobile Home Fence Project

Crack Sealing

DPS Locker Room Facilities Remodel

WWTP Primary Sludge Pump Replacement

Purchase/Lease/Buy Back of Municipal Vehicles

2016/2017 Chevrolet Police/Pursuit 4WD PPV Tahoe

2016-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle

Downtown Parking Study

DPW Roof Cleaning and Coating

Fleet Vehicle Filters

Planning Consulting Services - New Zoning Ordinance

Street Overlay Project

Mt. Pleasant Center Phase II Demolition

Well #17 Rehabilitation - Pump and Motor Inspection and Repair

2016 Switch Bid

F-250 4x4 SD Regular Cab

F-350 4x4 SD Super Cab with 6’ Box

New DANKO XL Skid Unit with a 250 gallon Defender Poly Tank

2016 Phone System Replacement

Refuse Tags

Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Grounds Mowing

Broadway Street-Phase II

Airport Engineering Services

Water Main Project

2016 Pedestrian Lighting

2016 Spring Tree Bid

Trailer Mounted Asphalt Hauler

Southmoor Street Reconstruction

Elevated Tank Rehab


Professional Engineering Design Services: Rehabilitation of the Pickard Avenue Bridge

Mission Creek Off Leash Dog Park

Riverside Cemetery Expansion


2015 Tree Trimming

2015 Patching Materials - Asphalt

2015 Patching Materials

2014 Refuse Tag

Mill Pond Weir Repair

Broadway Street Riverbank Restoration Project

2015 Water Treatment Plant Chemicals

2015 Spring Tree Bid

2014-2015 Snow Hauling

2014 Downtown Parking Lots Project

2014 High Lift Wheel Loader with Bucket Bid

2014 Heavy Duty Trucks

2014 Nelson Park Design Build Rotary Bridge Project

2014 Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Planning Consulting Services

2014 Fall Tree Bid - Cancelled

Island Park Remote Lighting Project

Engineering Services for Replatting of Mt. Pleasant Industrial Park South

2014 Mission Creek Off Leash Dog Park

2014 Yard Waste Hauling

2014 Pickup Trucks

2014 Management of Biosolids Residuals

2014 Pickard Street Lift Station Pump and Piping Replacement

2014 Mission Street Connector

2014 Street Sweepings Disposal Bid

2014 Crack Sealing Project

2014 Department of Public Safety Radio Project

2014 Third Party Administrator of MSHDA Grant Funds

2014 Downtown Refuse Containers

2014 Request for Qualifications from Independent Contractors/Aviation Service Providers

2014 Professional Engineering Services Water System Reliability Study

2014 Tires, Tubes and Tire Services for Fleet Vehicles

2014 Medical Plan Administration and Excess Risk Insurance

2014 Franklin Street Reconstruction and Water Main Boring Project

2014 Center Street Reconstruction

2014 Street Overlay Project

2014 Fluids and Lubricants

2014 Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising Project

2014 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising Project

2014 Sewer Relining Project

2014 New Sidewalk Construction

Island Park Softball Infield Reconditioning

Horizon Park Softball Field Fencing

2014 Chipp-A-Waters Chippewa River Stream Bank Stabilization

2014 Tree Trimming & Removal Bid

2014 Grounds Maintenance Bid

2014 Municipal Refuse Collection Services

Well 6 Rehabilitation - Pump and Motor Inspection and Repair

2014 Patching Materials - Cold