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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I sell my house or move out of a rented house?

Monthly utility bills are for service and usage for the previous month. When you move out of a house you need to have a final bill calculated. The utility billing staff needs some basic information including a final reading of your meter to compute the bill. You can read your meter and call in the read to the utility billing department or call the department and request a service person be sent out to read the meter.

What happens if my tenant doesn't pay the utility bill?

The utility billing staff follows the same collection procedures for rental property as owner-occupied property. City Ordinance provides for unpaid utility bills to become a lien on the property. Therefore, landlords should check with the utility billing department prior to releasing the security deposit to determine if there is an outstanding utility bill.

What happens if my utility bill payment is overdue?

If your account becomes delinquent you will be sent a delinquent notice. If the delinquent notice is not taken care of water service may be discontinued. Your bill, including any fees, must be paid in full before water service will be re-established. In accordance with City Ordinance, any unpaid balance becomes a lien on the property and will be added to the next tax billing.

What happens when a due date falls on a weekend or holiday?

When a bill due date falls on a weekend or a holiday for which City Hall is closed, the due date is extended to the next day City Hall is open. Payments may be made in the drop box on a weekend or holiday.

Can you make payments when City Hall is closed?

Payments may be dropped in the payment drop box at any time. The drop box is a large blue mailbox type box located in the parking lot of City Hall. Payment must be by check or money order. If you have the bill, attach it to the payment or place it in an envelope. If you don't have the bill, please note your account number on your check or money order.

Do you look at postmarks to determine if bills are paid on time?

Payments must be received in the Treasurer's office by the due date to be considered on time. The Treasurer's office does not look at postmarks to determine if mailed by the due date. The Post Office recommends allowing five days for postal delivery.

How do I pay for water used to sprinkle my lawn?

Utility customers have two options to pay for water used to sprinkle the lawn:

Effective December 2007, the summer sewer credit was eliminated. The summer sewer credit provided for the sewer charge for June, July and August to be based on the April water usage rather than the actual usage for these months for residential customers.

Residential customers who use 5,000 or less gallons per month, saw a $12 or less increase for the 3 months the summer sewer credit was offered. Many customers with an underground sprinkler system may want to consider installing a separate lawn meter. A separate lawn meter can also be installed on an outside water faucet.

To estimate what your bill would be with a separate meter, a calculator has been developed and can be found at

  1. Customers may install a separate meter for lawn usage only. No sanitary sewer will be charged for water used on this meter. See Lawn Water Meter Seasonal Removal Policy for more information. Customers will also be charged a demand on the meter for May - October service (July - December bill).
  2. Include sprinkler system under household meter.