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Lawn Water Meter Seasonal Removal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to develop a clear understanding between the utility customers and the City of Mt. Pleasant to deal with these meters. The following policy has been developed.

Customers with lawn water meters may select one of the following options for seasonal inactivation:

Water Service Fees

For customers who wish to drain and keep their lawn water meters on site; city shuts off meters; monthly meter demand fee continues.

  • $15.00 Turn Off
  • $15.00 Turn On

For customers who wish to have the city remove and store their lawn water meters; monthly meter demand fee discontinues.

  • $60.00 Removal + $15.00 Turn Off
  • $25.00 Reinstallation + $15.00 Turn On

Customers with internal valves and a protected lawn meter may continue as they have in the past with no city involvement, and keep the meter on site; monthly meter demand fees will continue.

These fees were approved by the Mt. Pleasant City Commission and became effective on January 1, 2019. Any questions concerning the application of this policy should be directed to the Mt. Pleasant Division of Public Works at (989) 779-5427.