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Division of Community Services

The City of Mt. Pleasant's Community Services Division is made up of the departments of Building Safety, Community Development (including Planning and Zoning), Downtown Development, Economic Development, Parks, and Recreation (including the PEAK program).

We provide and maintain a number of varied and diverse programs, events, facilities, and services geared toward supporting the quality of life of those living, owning property, working in, and visiting the City.

You are invited to explore the individual department links below to learn more about what we offer. Please contact us if you are not finding what you need or if you need additional information.

Building Safety

Planning and Community Development

  • Planning Commission reviews for commercial, office, industrial, multiple residential projects
  • Assist start-up businesses with finding zones/areas appropriate for use
  • Promote Mission Street redevelopment/rehabilitation projects
  • Coordinate with other departments on financial incentives, permitting
  • Planning Commission

Downtown Development

Economic Development

Parks and Recreation

  • Maintenance of City Parks & Riverside Cemetery
  • Manages Capital Improvement projects in the City's parks
  • Manages the City's shelter & sports areas including reservations and rentals
  • Offers recreational sports and leisure activities
  • Conducts area special events
  • Parks & Recreation Commission Board and meeting information