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The City of Mt. Pleasant maintains several parks for resident and visitor enjoyment. From skateboarding, to a splash park, to everything in between, the City takes great pride in offering fantastic outdoor spaces to it citizens.


GKB Riverwalk Trail/Access Adventure Trail
    • Gregory K. Baderschneider Riverwalk Trail
    • Trail is 1.8 miles long and runs from Chipp-A-Waters Park to Pickens Field

Canal Street Neighborhood Park
902 Canal St.
    • Canal Street Park is a 1-acre undeveloped natural open green space neighborhood park adjacent to the Chippewa River.

Chipp-A-Waters Park
1403 W. High Street

Potter Playground
225 W. Maple Street
    • Potter Playground is a neighborhood play area is approx. the size of two city lots with a basketball hoop and wiffle ball field.  2016 plans include installation of a modern playground, benches, small shelter and tree plantings.

Horizon Park
1535 Sweeney Street
    • This 22.5-acre park has three soccer fields, softball field, tennis court, quarter-mile paved fitness trail, football field, open air shelter, playground equipment, and a modern restroom.

Indian Pines Park
SW corner of Valley Rd. & Summerton Rd. (Union Township)
    • Indian Pines Park is located outside the City limits with its main entrance at the SW corner of Valley and Summerton Roads in Union Township. This 80-acre park consists of wooded wetlands and uplands ideal for bird watching and nature enjoyment. The Chippewa River bisects the park with undeveloped trails providing additional nature viewing and leisure.
    • Hunting and motorized vehicles are prohibited within the park.

Island Park
331 Main Street

Mill Pond Park
607 S. Adams Street
    • This 90-acre park is located in the center of the community, bordered by Broadway and High Streets. It is a mostly wooded wetland area with the Chippewa River running through the entire park. The park features a canoe landing, fishing deck, nature trails, playground equipment, open-air shelter, picnic tables, grills and a modern restroom.

Mission Creek Woodland Park
1458 N. Harris Street
    • This 60-acre park is located on the northwest side of town. This park brings you back to nature, with picturesque scenery that can be enjoyed from the nature trails which wind through hard woods. The park features two open-air shelters, picnic tables, grills, nature trails, sledding hill, an open playfield, a dog park, and a modern restroom.

Hannah's Bark Park
1458 N. Harris Street
    • Hannah’s Bark Park is located within Mission Creek Park, 1458 N. Harris Street. This dog park is a collaborative effort between the City of Mt. Pleasant, Union Township and the Friends of the Dog Park and features a 3.6 acre fenced area separated for large and small dogs. Residents and visitors are WELCOME!  Come have fun and meet new friends.

Nelson Park
714 W. Broadway Street
    • This five-acre park is situated between Island and Mill Pond Park and is centrally located in the city. Its central location makes it easy to visit neighboring parks through a nature trail and a crosswalk. The park features a canoe landing, picnic tables, grills, fishing deck and a modern restroom.

309 W. Pickard Avenue

Sunnyside Park
1511 Elm Street
    • Sunnyside Park is a 17-acre facility complete with a six-field soccer/tee-ball complex, basketball court, playground equipment, a modern restroom, open-air shelter, picnic tables, and grills.

Yost Park
206 S. Henry St.
    • Yost Park is a 4.5-acre universally accessible facility complete with a 25-space parking lot including additional on-street parking, an updated baseball diamond, a modern restroom facility including an attached open-air shelter furnished with picnic tables and a grill. The facility has many newly planted young trees with plenty of open-play green space within the park. Future plans include the addition of a modern playground.
Chippewa River Water Trail

General Park Hours 8:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.