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Rental Housing and Licensing

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New Rental Property Information
  • Following adoption of the revised Housing Licensing Code, section 152.301.5 requires new rental properties to comply with all portions of the Housing Licensing Code and all other applicable codes with respect to fire resistance rate, construction, fire protection systems and means of egress. As an aid to prospective rental property owners, the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department has developed a list of minimum standards for new properties. While each property may present unique requirements, these are required for all.
  • Egress from the structure: All properties shall have properly operating doors with deadbolt locks. Bedrooms and other sleeping areas shall be provided with secondary egress in the form of one window compliant with codes. Egress windows shall have a minimum net clear opening of 5.7 square feet. This is clear area when the window is in the open position. Window openings shall be no less than 24 inches in height nor less than 20 inches in width.   Basement rooms shall not be used for sleeping or living area unless an approved secondary egress is provided from the space to the exterior.
  • Smoke detectors shall be provided in each sleeping room. An additional smoke detector shall be provided outside each sleeping room in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms. At least one smoke detector shall be provided on each floor of the structure including the basement. All smoke detectors shall be electric. Battery backup is required. All detectors, on all floors shall be interconnected so when one detector alarms, all detectors in the structure sound for early response.
  • Any habitable space, hallway, corridor, laundry areas, bathrooms, toilet rooms and habitable basement areas with a clear ceiling height of seven (7) feet or less shall not be permitted as a habitable space.
  • Parking shall be provided for tenants in compliance with City of Mt. Pleasant zoning regulations. Quantity of required spaces is based on the occupancy of the residence. All parking shall be hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. Parking in the front yard of residences is prohibited by local ordinance.
  • All finishes both interior and exterior must be provided and maintained in good repair to protect the materials beneath. All systems must be working and maintained in good working order. Systems include but are not limited to: heating, ventilation, plumbing, water heating and electrical.
  • Property owners who do not reside in Isabella County, Michigan must provide a designated agent to act on behalf of the owner. A designated agent may be a person, firm or corporation acting on behalf of, representing, or caring for the property on behalf of the owner. The agent must reside in Isabella County for timely response in the event of an emergency.
  • Occupancy of a rental property is subject to City of Mt. Pleasant zoning regulations. The maximum occupancy of a single family licensed rental property is two (2) unrelated persons. Occupancies greater than two may be granted in certain areas of the city as defined by the zoning maps. A zoning application must be submitted for review and approval before an occupancy greater than two may be granted. Allowing occupancy greater than the authorized number is subject to citations and fines.