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All forms may be printed out from your home or office and returned to the appropriate City office via mail, fax, or walk-in.

Special Event Planning
  • If you are planning a special event, click here to get important information and the necessary forms.
Citizen's Complaint Report
General Information
  • How do I become a Mt. Pleasant Police Officer? Click here to access our Human Resources Department for more information.
  • I'm going on vacation. Will the police watch my house? Yes. Click here for information regarding the Police Department's programs and services.
  • I received a call from someone representing himself as a police officer and asking for donations. Was this call legitimate? The Mt. Pleasant Police Officer's Association does not solicit donations. If you are unsure whether or not a call from another law enforcement organization is legitimate, obtain the caller's name and contact the organization directly.
  • When should I call 911? You should call 911 whenever there is an immediate threat to life or property. If lives are in danger, there are serious injuries, or a crime is in progress, do not hesitate to dial 911. Stay calm and stay on the line. The dispatcher will have important questions to ask you. When in doubt, always dial 911.
  • Do you have any undercover officers? The Mt. Pleasant Police Department has undercover officers and detectives who often investigate crimes in plain clothes.
  • Does Mt. Pleasant have a curfew for juveniles? Yes. The curfew for children under 12 is 10 p.m. and the curfew for children ages 12-16 is 12 a.m. (midnight), unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • May I park on city streets at night? Overnight street parking is allowed throughout the City year-round, except for the Downtown area. Downtown street parking is prohibited from 4 – 6 a.m. year-round. When a snow emergency is declared, all cars must be removed from the street.
  • How can I obtain a copy of an accident report? You may obtain a copy of your accident report during normal business hours at the Division of Public Safety business office. You may also purchase a copy of your accident report through the Traffic Crash Purchasing System.