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Programs and Services

Youth Services Unit

The Youth Services Unit (YSU) is comprised of one officer who serves as a liaison between the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools, business community, private organizations, law enforcement agencies, juvenile and adult courts, PEAK and Central Michigan University. Taking a proactive approach to reduce and prevent crime, the YSU Officer provides educational programming to community members of all ages.

This officer also becomes involved with our community’s youth at a young age and continues to serve as a positive role model, providing invaluable guidance and support throughout their entire academic career and often times, after.

In an effort to provide safe and clean neighborhoods the YSU Officer works closely with resident and neighborhood watch groups, rental complexes, Code Enforcement, and the Fire Department.

When school is not in session, the YSU Officer manages summer programs, such as the Youth Police Academy, and is on bike patrol. The YSU is, at times, assisted by the Public Information Officer.

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for building relationships between law enforcement and the community, as well as handling all media relations for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department (MPPD). This entails communicating critical information effectively to the public, writing press releases, responding to media inquiries, and conducting media interviews.

The PIO works closely with the local and federal court systems, as well as prosecuting attorneys. Specific duties include ensuring all documentation forwarded to the prosecutor is correct, and swearing warrants in front of the Magistrate or Judge.

This officer maintains close relationships with Central Michigan University, community organizations, and other law enforcement agencies, and teaches various crime prevention programs.

Additional duties include being a member of the City’s Neighborhood Resource Unit (NRU), as well as assisting the Youth Services Unit Officer with K-12 school programming, special events, and the Youth Police Academy.

Vacation Security Checks

Did you know the police will check your house while you are away on vacation? It's true, and there is no fee for the service. Simply fill out the Vacation/Security Check Application and submit it to the Police Department. We do request that you please notify us if you return home earlier than the time frame placed on your form.

Prescription Drug Drop Off

The Mt. Pleasant Department of Public Safety offers a Prescription Drug Drop Box for the City of Mt. Pleasant and surrounding area. A secure mail slot is located in the Mt. Pleasant Department of Public Safety lobby located at 804 E. High St. Individuals can walk in and anonymously deposit unused or expired prescription medications twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Many people do not know how to dispose of prescription medications and often times flush them down the toilet. Flushing drugs carry the risk of possible contamination of soil and groundwater. The program allows the community to properly dispose of prescription drugs in a safe and environmentally friendly way.