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General Service and Fuel

  • 32 T-hangars that are owned by the City are available for rent. In addition, eight (8) aircraft are located in corporate hangars at the airport. These based aircraft have an estimated aviation-related economic impact of $190,000 per year to the Airport and the community.
  • An Automated Weather Observation System, (AWOS), is located on the Airport. This facility provides "real time, on-site" weather conditions at the airport. This information is available to aircraft via the VOR frequency and is a FAA requirement for any Part 135 (on-demand charter operations) operating in or out of the airport. A weather room in the terminal building is available to initiate flight planning procedures. This system consists of a computer screen for on-site conditions, an up-link computer for national and global weather conditions, and a computer text screen for text written forecast information provided by the National Weather Service.
  • In an effort to meet the services needed in our increased corporate jet traffic, the airport has tow bar heads to handle Lear Jets, King Airs, Cessna Citations, Falcon 100 series aircraft and other standard models. The airport also has a utility tractor to be used as a tug for the above-mentioned aircraft. A 28 volt diesel Tron Air ground power unit is available to assist all types of corporate air craft in cold weather starts, overnight starts, and fuel transferring power needs.
  • Pumps are located on the west side of the terminal.
  • Credit card self-service open 24 hours a day. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Avfuel, MultiService all accepted)
  • Available fuel types: 100 LL and Jet A (Contract Jet A fuel available)
  • Please contact airport management for turbine & jet refueling.
  • Single Point Refueling for turbine and jet aircraft.
  • Fuel cost pricing information: call for current pricing at (989) 772-2965 or (989) 944-1996
  • Available upon request: Ground Power Unit (GPU) 28.5 vdc and Tug services.
Refueling Procedures

*Because of a 3 minute time limit to begin refueling, we suggest that:

  1. Pull out hose and place ladder, if necessary
  2. Ground Aircraft
  3. Swipe card in card reader and follow prompt instructions
  4. Reset register meter and turn pump switch to on
  5. Start fueling, the pump will take a few seconds to get all the sensors reading right and then full fuel flow (if it doesn't give you full flow in 1 minute, let off the handle, wait 20 seconds and squeeze the handle again.)
  6. When finished rewind hose; use tension on hose as not to run hose off the reel.
  7. Turn pump switch to off.
  8. Pick up your receipt at the credit card reader.
  9. If you continue to experience issues, please walk over to the terminal or hangar and ask for help.
Miscellaneous Information
  • A winter power outlet equipped with two power cords located in front of terminal is vailable on a first come, first serve basis. (We do not take responsibility for the pilot not taking proper precautions to keep their aircraft warm in winter months)
  • Please bring your own tie down ropes. There are 14 tie down sites available for use on the apron.
  • Check local notams for parachuting activity or the MBS tower at 118.45 Mhz.
  • AWOS: (989) 773-2885
  • For information on available shuttle services from the airport, please call the airport office at (989) 772-2965 or (989) 444-1996.
Airport Courtesy Vehicle