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2022 Construction Projects

Construction projects take place throughout the City of Mt. Pleasant annually in order to maintain and improve the City's infrastructure. Updates on these projects will be posted to this page, and also are communicated through door hangers and letters (for residents directly affected by projects), local media, along with the City's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alley Reconstruction (July 12-August 31)
Reconstruction of the alley, known as the “Cat’s Meow Alley”, between Broadway and Michigan, University and Franklin Streets will be completed in the summer of 2022. The project includes removal and replacement of the existing concrete pavement, asphalt pavement and sub base, along with some storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and sidewalk replacement work. The project also includes the installation of new catch basins and storm sewer in certain sections of the alley.

Asphalt Crack Sealing (May 2-13)
Various streets will be crack sealed as part of the preventative maintenance program.

Local Street Projects (June 6-August 13)
Illinois Street between Fancher and Main Streets will be reconstructed. The project includes removal and replacement of the existing asphalt, road base, curb and sidewalk, replacement of the handicap access ramps, and the installation of storm sewer in some sections. New street scape will be installed between Main and Franklin, as well as pedestrian lighting on the north side of Illinois between Main and Fancher.

Major Street Projects
  • Crapo Street (August 1 - October 22)
    Crapo Street between Broadway and High Streets will be reconstructed. This project
    includes removal and replacement of the existing asphalt, curb and gutter, water main and some
    sections of sidewalk. The roadway will be reconstructed at the same width, and will be re-striped
    to shift all parking to the west side of the street.
  • Brown Street (May 31 - August 12)
    Brown Street between North Drive and High Street will be reconstructed, including
    replacement of curb and gutter. Sidewalk and sidewalk ramps will be reconstructed where
    necessary for A.D.A. compliance and to replace sidewalk in poor condition. A new storm sewer
    sump pump drain will be installed behind the curb between South Drive and High Street, which
    will be connected to exiting storm sewer structures.
Pavement Markings (Paint Markings) (September 6-26)
Various streets throughout the City will receive new paint markings.

Sewer Main Relining (May 23-June 17)
Sanitary sewer mains in various locations will be relined.

Sidewalk (April 11-June 3)
Replacement sidewalk will be completed for reported complaint locations. New sidewalk will be constructed on Crapo Street from North Drive north to the existing sidewalk to close the gap, and on the south side of Southmoor between Crawford and Watson. New sidewalk will also be installed on the north side of Bellows from CMU parking lot 1 to Douglas Street.

Questions about any of these projects should be directed to the Division of Public Works at 779-5401.
Click here for a PDF summary of all projects.

2022 Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Road Repair Projects