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Stages of Construction

Before any work begins, you will receive a notice from the Engineering Department indicating what type of work will take place, when it will begin, and the expected completion date. Shortly thereafter, paint and stakes will be placed to locate existing utilities.


For street projects, removal may include existing pavement and the curb and gutter. The street will be sand or gravel, but will be open for local traffic. If the contract involves replacing the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, or water main, the contractor will begin excavation for those utilities. You will be notified the day before of any planned water main shutdowns. During construction, driveways will be accessible except when the excavating, compacting, and back- filling are occurring immediately in front of the driveway. At the end of each day, the contractor will ramp the driveways to provide access each evening.


Following excavation, the contractor will rebuild the street base with sand and gravel and compact the street with a large roller. You will feel the vibrations from the roller, but it will not cause damage. During the construction of the curb and gutter, driveways and the sidewalk may also be replaced. You will be notified and asked to not drive across the curb and gutter and drive approach for four (4) days to allow them to cure properly.

During this time, you will be asked to park outside the construction area on weekdays to allow the safe operation of construction equipment. During weekends and evenings, parking in front of your residence is acceptable. Following the gravel compaction, the contractor will place the base course of asphalt. You will be notified regarding the paving, and asked not to drive on the base course of asphalt for one hour after it is done being rolled. For the next several days after the base course of asphalt is placed, the contractor will raise any manholes that are in the street to prepare for final paving. After final paving, you are asked not to drive on the new surface course of asphalt until the following morning.


Restoration of the disturbed lawn areas occurs near the end of the project. The contractor will place topsoil, level the ground, and seed the disturbed lawn area. Because it is imperative that residents water the grass seed, the City has established a lawn watering credit program.

Information concerning the program will be provided to each affected resident. While the grass is growing, it is important to continue to periodically mow the newly seeded areas to keep the weeds that do grow small.

If any questions or problems occur during any phase of the construction, please feel free to call the Engineering Department, 989.779.5401.


Construction Projects