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Special Assessment Process

The special assessment process allows residents the opportunity to identify a project in their neighborhood and to request the City of Mt. Pleasant's assistance in designing, constructing, and funding the project. A special assessment project is initiated by a petition signed by the affected property owners. If more than 50% of the property owners agree to request the project, then it is generally approved by the City Commission. Petitions can be obtained at the City Clerk's office in City Hall, 320 W. Broadway. Once the completed petition is received, cost estimates are prepared for the project. The Assessor's office then determines the cost for each property owner involved in the project. The need for the project along with the cost to each property owner is reviewed by the City Commission in a series of public hearings before the final determination is made to proceed with the project.

Projects that are typically funded as special assessments include alley and street paving, new sidewalk construction, curb and gutter drainage improvements, and extension of utilities. The City participates in the cost of the work at varying levels. For sidewalks and street paving, the City currently is paying 50% of the cost. For alley paving, the Street Department crews complete all of the grading and gravel placement without cost to the property owners. The cost of the asphalt placement is charged as 90% property owners' responsibility and 10% City share.

For a special assessment project to be included in the City budget, a completed petition must be submitted to the City Clerk's office by June 30 for inclusion in the following year's construction program.

The Special Assessment Process is described in the City of Mt. Pleasant’s Code of Ordinances under Title III: Administration, Chapter 33: Taxation, Sections 33.15-33.37.”