Special Event Planning

The Special Event Team serves the community by assisting event planners through the special event permitting process. All reservations for special events, such as festivals, runs or walks, parades, block parties, and citywide holiday celebrations which take place on public property, are initiated through this team.

Once you complete and submit the online application, a staff member will contact you within 7-10 days.
Contact and Application Information
Events Held Downtown

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Michelle Sponseller
Downtown Development Director

All Other Event Locations (Parks, Neighborhoods, Streets)

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Philip Biscorner
Parks & Public Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if I need a Special Event Permit?

A Special Event Permit is required when an event organizer plans a celebration, march, parade, block party, art or music festival, carnival or similar local special event which is held wholly or partially upon a street, park or public property.

Please note: General park shelter rentals for such activities as family reunions, weddings, club/business meetings, and picnics do not need to fill out a special event application. However, a park facility rental application is required.

Can I promote my event before I get a permit?
Please do not publicize your event until you have been notified it has been approved. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval of your event. Approval must be granted prior to your promoting the event through social media, distributing flyers, contacting the media, or promoting your event by word-of-mouth.
How do I decide which park will be best for my special event?
City parks have a variety of shelters available for rent.  Keep in mind the park of your choice has adequate parking for your group.  Visit the Parks page for amenity and capacity information.
Park Rules, Facility Rentals and Guidelines