Marihuana Facilities

The City of Mt. Pleasant has opted-in to permit medical marihuana facilities and recreational (adult-use) marihuana establishments in the City.

There is no numeric limit on the number of Provisioning Centers, Retailers, Growers, and Microbusinesses that may be licensed by the City. All applicants must be pre-qualified by the State of Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency before making application to the City of Mt. Pleasant.

Recreational Marihuana Establishments The City permits Retailers, Growers, Microbusinesses, Processors, Secure Transporters, and Safety Compliance Establishments. The City does not allow Designated Consumption Establishments or Class A Microbusinesses.

Medical Marihuana Facilities The City permits Provisioning Centers, Growers, Processors, Secure Transporters, and Safety Compliance Facilities.

Questions about Marihuana licensing may be directed to Heather Bouck, City Clerk, at (989) 779-5374 or