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Winter Water Pipe Protection

December 7, 2021- As winter sets in and snow sticks to the ground keeping your home safe and protected means more than just locking the doors. Below are some tips to protect your home from the freezing temperatures. These tips will also help you understand why the cold temperatures create a risk for your home.

1. Protect your pipes. Cold winter weather can cause plumbing to freeze and possibly burst. Water pipes at most risk for freezing include exposed pipes in unheated areas of the house and pipes located in exterior walls or plumbing on the exterior of the house. Wrap these pipes with insulation or a thermostatically controlled heat tape.

2. Know the location of your water shutoff valve. To minimize the damage when a pipe bursts you can turn off your valve located at the water meter. This is usually in your basement. Operate this valve carefully if it has not been used in several years.

3. The City will contact at risk properties if the service line to the house is in danger of freezing. Through a Smart911 message or a door tag the at risk properties will be instructed to run a small, specific amount of water.

For questions please call the Division of Public Works at 989-779-5476.