City of Mt. Pleasant Home

Quick Facts

The Campus
  • Holds 27 Buildings that total 500,000 sq. ft. of space; the City owns 21 of these buildings
  • Property contains a road network, power plant and tunnels leading from building to building
  • Much of the campus is undeveloped and is currently used as agricultural land and is leased by a local farmer
  • With the exception of site security, the property is unoccupied
  • Broken into three separate sections/parcels:
    • Main campus – approximately 305 acres
    • Indian school buildings – approximately 7.61 acres of land
    • Cemetery – approximately 1.25 acres
    The Buildings
  • Some in extreme disrepair; several contain asbestos and lead paint
  • Several have been closed/vacant for decades
  • All buildings on the property were slated for the State’s 2005 demolition list
  • The first of the buildings used for the former Mt. Pleasant Regional Center was constructed in 1927, and the last in 1966