Boards & Commissions

Any qualified elector may submit his/her name or the name of another for consideration The application and policy for appointment are available below or at the City Manager's Office, located at 320 West Broadway. A resume is encouraged with your application submittal and may be emailed to

Applications for Boards and Commissions

Application for Board or
Commission Appointment

Community members interested in serving on any of the City's boards and commissions may submit an application for consideration. See the list of boards and commissions here.

Click here to view the Appointments to Boards and Commissions Policy. Commission and board bylaws can be found here

Once application is completed please do one of the following:
  1. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the document to send your application directly to the City Manager's office. (You will receive a confirmation email following your submission)
  2. Print and bring it to the City Manager's office in City Hall
  3. Print and mail it to: City Manager, 320 W. Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

 Current Board and Commission Vacancies

Applications for all boards and commissions are being accepted.
Boards and commissions with immediate vacancies include:
9-1-1 Central Dispatch Governing Board (1 seat)
Building Authority (2 seats)
Building, Fire & Sanitary Sewer Board of Appeals (1 seat *CMU Representative)
City/CMU Student Liaison Committee (2 seats, * landlord representative,*neighborhood resident)
Dog Park Advisory Board (1 seat)
Historic District Commission (HDC) (1 seat)
Parks and Recreation Commission (1 seat)
Principal Shopping District Board (2 seats)
Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) (2 seats, *one representative of Industrial Park North)
Zoning Board of Appeals (1 seat-alternate)

Meeting Information

The Boards and the City Commission meet regularly on a monthly basis, unless otherwise noted. Please use the listing below to learn about upcoming meetings.

As of January 4, 2022, all boards and commissions meetings will be held in person except for the City Commission, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals which will be held both in person and electronically (Hybrid).

9-1-1 Central Dispatch Governing Board
Meets quarterly (Central Dispatch)
Doug Lobsinger     City Representative   Brandon Bliss (Alternate)
Vacant     December 31, 2024

Airport Joint Operations and Management Board
Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month
Rodney Nanney     Charter Township of Union Representative           December 31, 2023
Aaron Desentz       City of Mt. Pleasant Representative                       December 31, 2024
Nicole Frost            Isabella County Representative                             December 31, 2024
Gayle Ruhl              Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Representative   December 31, 2025
James McBryde      MMDC Board Representative                               December 31, 2026

Staff Liaison: Bill Bricker, Airport Manager (989) 772-2965

Audit Committee
Meets once in March and early May (City Hall)
City Commissioner     Amy Perschbacher     (Alternate) Maureen Eke
City Commissioner     Bryan Chapman       (Alternate) Maureen Eke
Philip Kintzele             June 30, 2026

Staff Liaison: Chris Witmer, Assistant Finance Director/Treasurer (989) 779-5380

Board of Review
Meets once in December, one week in March and once in July (City Hall)
Tony Kulick      December 31, 2024 
James Kridler     December 31, 2024 
Erin Zimmer    December 31, 2024 

Staff Liaison: Ruth Scott, City Assessor (989) 779-5353

Building Authority
Meets as needed
Chris Saladine     City Representative
Vacant               December 31, 2025
Vacant               December 31, 2027

Building, Fire, & Sanitary Sewer Board of Appeals
Meets as needed
Vacant     Central Michigan University Representative
Joe Fleming       December 31, 2024
Larry Sommer    December 31, 2024
James Kridler     December 31, 2025
Tim Nieporte     December 31, 2025
Charlie Cline      December 31, 2026

Staff Liaison: Brian Kench, Building Official (989) 779-5301

Chippewa River District Library Board of Trustees
Meets monthly at 5:30 p.m. (Library)
Kati Mora              December 31, 2025
Kristin LaLonde     December 31, 2027

City Commission
2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.
City Commission - Work Sessions As Needed
Liz Busch                               December 31, 2024
Maureen Eke                         December 31. 2024
Amy Perschbacher, Mayor    December 31, 2024
Mary Alsager, Vice Mayor     December 31, 2026
Bryan Chapman                     December 31, 2026
Grace Rollins                         December 31, 2026
Boomer Wingard                  December 31, 2026

City/CMU Student Liaison Committee
Meets quarterly/as needed
Aaron Desentz       City Manager
Paul Lauria        City Public Safety
Doug Lobsinger       Code Enforcement Staff
Vacant                    Landlord                                 December 31, 2023
Bryan Chapman    City Commissioner 1               December 31, 2024
Liz Busch               City Commissioner 2                 December 31, 2024
Rachael Agardy     MP Business Representative     December 31, 2024
Vacant                   Neighborhood Resident 1      December 31, 2025
David Stairs           Neighborhood Resident 2      December 31, 2025
(appointed by CMU)
Dr Renee' Watson    CMU Administrator

Larry Klaus             CMU Public Safety
Taylor Idema          Student Government President
Vacant                    Student-residential neighborhood, appointed by Associate VP of Student Affairs
Vacant                    Student-residential neighborhood, appointed by Associate VP of Student Affairs
Josh Glaer              Inter-Fraternity Council Representative
Azuare Singleton-Morton   Panhellenic Council Representative
Christian Toney      Residence Housing Association Representative

Staff Liaison: Aaron Desentz, City Manager (989) 779-5321

Cultural and Recreational Commission
Meets quarterly (Morey Courts or Ice Arena)
Mark Kowalczyk   December 31, 2026

Dog Park Advisory Board
As needed
Sue Gamble          December 31, 2024   City Representative
Amy Barr-Tickle    December 31, 2024   Friends of Dog Park Representative
Mark Stuhldreher    December 31, 2024   Union Township Representative
Vacant                     December 31, 2025  City Representative
Lynn Simons         December 31, 2025   Friends of Dog Park Representative

John Dinse            December 31, 2025   Union Township Representative

Staff Liaison: Phil Biscorner, Director of Parks, Recreation & Public Spaces (989) 779-5328

Mission/Pickard Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

2nd Thursday at 10 a.m. (City Commission Chambers)

An eleven-member advisory board oversees the operation of the DDA. Board members are appointed by the City Commission and serve staggered four-year terms without pay.

Aaron Desentz (City Manager)
Steve Swaney (Isabella County Representative)  Alternate: Jim Moreno
Jim Holton (12/31/2026)
Tom Krapohl (12/31/2026)
Jeff Smith (12/31/2027)
Doug LaBelle II (12/31/2027)
John Hunter (12/31/2024)
Steve Powers (12/3120/24)
Vacant (12/31/2024)
Robby Roberts (12/31/2025)
Robert VanDorin (12/31/2025)

Staff Liaison: Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director (989) 779-5348

Economic Development Corp (EDC) /Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (EDC/BRA)
Meets as needed (City Hall)
Aaron Desentz      City Manager
Chris Witmer         Asst. Finance Director/Treasurer
Amy Perschbacher  City Mayor or Mayors' designee                 Boomer Wingard (Alternate)
Jerry Jaloszynski    Isabella County Representative                  Chris Embry (Alternate)
Jennifer Verleger   Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Representative     
Josh Agardy          December 31, 2024
Brad Wahr             December 31, 2026
Tom Krapohl         December 31, 2028
Jeff Smith              December 31, 2028
Staff Liaison: Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director (989) 779-5348

Fire and Police Retirement Board
Meets the 3rd Thursday at 8:15 a.m. (Public Safety) 
Chris Saladine    Finance Director
Josh Theisen      Police Union Representative
Brad Doepker     Fire Union Representative
Randy Ball          December 31, 2024
Bradley Wahr     December 31, 2025
Staff Liaison: Chris Saladine, Finance Director/ (989) 779-5376

Historic District Commission
Meets as needed (City Hall)
Gary Mark             December 31, 2024
Julie Taylor               December 31, 2024
Vacant                   December 31, 2025
Lara Raisanen        December 31, 2025
Anne Swift             December 31, 2025
Amanda Garrison    December 31, 2026
Jonathan Korpi      December 31, 2026

Staff Liaison: Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director (989) 779-5348

Housing Commission
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon (Housing Commission)
Bob Wheeler          July 18, 2024
Shelly Evans           July 18, 2025
Kimberly Friedrich    July 18, 2026
Patrick Allen           July 18, 2027
Michelle Veith        July 18, 2028

Staff Liaison: Aaron Desentz, City Manager, (989) 779-5321

Isabella County Material Recovery Facility Governing Board (MRF)

Meets on 3rd Thursday (January, March, May, July, September, November) at 8:00 a.m. (Recycling Center)
Jason Moore   City Representative
Matt Weaver   December 31, 2025

Isabella County Transportation Commission (ICTC)

Meets on 4th Thursday of the month (ICTC)
Rick Fockler    December 31, 2024
Dennis Adams   December 31, 2025

Contact Person: Kelly Crofoot (989) 773-2913

Local Officers Compensation Commission

Meets as needed generally only every 5 years (City Hall)
James Moreno        December 31, 2024
Jon Joslin                December 31, 2025
James Kridler             December 31, 2026
Wayne Heminger    December 31, 2027
Andrew Devenney     December 31, 2028
Gary Mark               December 31, 2029
Brian Hansen          December 31, 2030

Staff Liaison: Heather Bouck, City Clerk (989) 779-5374

Parks and Recreation Commission
Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (City Hall)
Brian Mitchell       December 31, 2024
Vacant                  December 31, 2024
James Batcheller     December 31, 2025
Jonathan Croft        December 31, 2025
Kristin Lalonde     December 31, 2025
Brian Sponseller   December 31, 2026

Hannah Martin     December 31, 2026

Staff Liaison: Phil Biscorner, Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Spaces (989) 779-5328

Planning Commission
Meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (City Hall)
Yannis Haveles         December 31, 2024 (ZBA Crossover Member)
Lesley Hoenig          December 31, 2024 (Chair)
Kelli Nicholas           December 31, 2024
Corey Friedrich        December 31, 2025
Glen Irwin II             December 31, 2025
Matthew Liesch       December 31, 2025
Andrew Devenney   December 31, 2026
David Kingsworthy  December 31, 2026
Christine Ortman     December 31, 2026 (Vice Chair)

Staff Liaison: Manuela Powidayko, Planning & Community Development Director (989) 779-5346

Police Retiree Health Care Board
Quarterly, after the Fire and Police Retirement Board (Public Safety)

Principal Shopping District Board (PSD)
(PSD) Meets as needed (City Hall)
Bryan Chapman     City Commissioner
Rachael Agardy   December 31, 2025 (resident representative)
Vacant                 December 31, 2026
Vacant                 December 31, 2026
Kristin Batzner     December 31, 2027

Staff Liaison: Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director (989) 779-5348

Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA)
The TIFA board meets as needed at City Hall, 320 W. Broadway Street, Conference Room A. 
Amy Perschbacher City Commissioner
Nicole Frost         Isabella County Representative   Jerry Jaloszynski - Alternate
Vacant                   December 31, 2025
Vacant                 December 31, 2026 (Industrial Park North Representative)
Rick Swindlehurst  December 31, 2026
Bryan Wieferich     December 31, 2026
Vacant                 December 31, 2027

Staff Liaison: Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director (989) 779-5348

Zoning Board of Appeals
4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (City Hall)
Vacant                   December 31, 2023 (alternate)
Yannis Haveles      Designee from Planning Commission
Lara Raisanen        December 31, 2024
David McGuire      December 31, 2025
Peter Orlik             December 31, 2025
Steven Stressman    December 31, 2026

Staff Liaison: Brian Kench, Building Official (989) 779-5301